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Why Guatemala is the Best Place to Learn Spanish

Most people like to go to big cities like Buenos Aires or Barcelona to learn Spanish; Guatemala tends to fall through the cracks. However, it’s is one of the greatest places in the world to learn Spanish, and here’s why:


1. It’s the easiest Spanish in the world.

Guatemalans do something that not all Spanish speakers do: they pronounce their words very, very clearly. As compared to somewhere like Mexico where they speak super fast, or Argentina where their dialect is tough to pick up, Guatemalan spanish is known to be the easiest in the world.


It’s the perfect place to be a beginner speaker, but don’t get too spoiled! The true test of your spanish skills will be when you move onto another country and have to pick up the pace.


2. Spanish classes here are cheap, cheap, cheap!

Antigua and Lake Atitlan are two of the best and most popular places to take Spanish classes in all of Central America. Many of the language schools offer group classes or one-on-one tutoring for as cheap as 3-4 bucks per hour. Yes, you heard that correctly: four dollars. Makes you want to rethink that $5.00 Starbucks, doesn’t it?


San Pedro Spanish School is a favorite amongst many travelers in Guatemala, located in San Pedro de Lago de Atitlan. San Pedro is also a quaint and charming town on the lake, so when you’re not studying, you’ll have plenty to do!


3. Simple living is an experience of a lifetime.

The saying do as the Romans do, can certainly apply here too. When you’re in Guatemala, do as the Guatemalans do. This means that you can pay cheap rent, eat delicious local food, and take a step back from the luxuries that you’re used to back home.


Minimalist living teaches us a lot, and seeing how other people live makes us appreciate the luxuries from back home.


4. They offer many different packages of classes.

Unlike some other countries where you are required to commit to a minimum number of months for Spanish classes, lots of Guatemalan schools are flexible in this department. Whether you’re interested in homestays with classes, or just a few hours per week, you can find anything you want in Guatemala.


There are even some places that do “backpacker crash courses” where you can take a quick 4 hour class just one day - if you’re passing through, and want a quick crash course on just a few of the most important things.


5. Guatemalans are some of the happiest people in the world.

Guatemala’s economy is constantly suffering: an immense percentage of the population is living below the poverty line, while a very small percentage is considered elite.


Despite this, Guatemalans are extremely warm and open. They are resourceful, family-oriented, and very welcoming to outsiders visiting or living in their country.


6. It’s quick and easy to link this Spanish with Language Zen.

Language Zen is a great complement to Spanish classes (in Guatemala or elsewhere). We create personalized courses for every learner that integrate with what you already know. Whether you’re learning from a classroom or from a street vendor, we’ll fill in the gaps so you can spend more time hanging out with your new Guatemalan friends.  

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